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The Helsinki-based eControllers Ltd is known for its financial administration expertise. Our company's services are versatile, reliable, accurate and flexible. We provide comprehensive financial administration services, from accounting and financial statement services to international business support services, to domestic and foreign businesses of all sizes. Find out more about our services and the different service levels available, and get in touch to get the best tailored financial administration solution for your business!

Tailored, comprehensive financial administration services

Outsourcing financial management with our experts frees up resources for handling the core tasks of your business and guarantees seamless financial administration procedures for your business. We provide flexible financial administration services either from our office via our electronic systems, or by using your systems, either through a remote connection or on the spot.

  • Accounting and financial statement services
    We take care of bookkeeping and prepare your financial statements based on years of experience and register all transactions accurately and in full compliance with current legislation and good accounting practice. In this way, you always have reliable information at your disposal.
  • Payroll administration
    We calculate salaries in accordance with laws, regulations and the individual preferences of your company and submit seasonal declarations to the tax authorities in a timely manner. Should you need it, we can also take care of employer payments and employee and regulatory reporting.
  • Payment traffic and processing purchase invoices
    We are in charge of your payment traffic and make sure that all purchase invoices get paid. When you forward your purchase invoices to us within the agreed deadlines, we will ensure that they are paid by the due date.
  • Updating the accounts ledger
    Due to the flexible accounts update service, your invoicing is constantly safely managed. Efficient monitoring shortens the cash cycle of the company and reduces risks. Additionally, you save time, as we sort out unclear transactions on your behalf and – if necessary – take care of invoicing, monitor your receivables and communicate with your clients.

Financial manager and controller services for greater productivity

Understanding the nature of the business, expertise and solid experience are prerequisites to efficient financial management. By outsourcing financial management, the making of analyses and other important areas of financial administration to an experienced professional, you can ensure that your company’s financial administration supports your business and decision-making processes in the best possible way.

  • Financial management
    As our client, your organisation will be supplied with a proven and time-tested financial management formula that improves your results and increases profitability.
  • Improving your financial administration
    Develop the profitability monitoring, cost accounting, good administrative practices and internal controls of your business and make use of our extensive expertise in the administrative and monitoring tasks of financial administration as well. If needed, we can also carry out financial administration system updates and organisational arrangements.
  • Reporting
    We support reporting to internal and external interest groups and, for example, create customised reports for the head office. Our reports can also include internal calculations.
  • Analyses, projections and statements
    We put together analyses, projections and statements, like sales forecasts, cash flow forecasts and cash flow calculations on your behalf. We also map the readiness of your business for investments like business acquisitions and recruitment, and the potential consequences of these.

A local expert for international companies

We provide local financial administration services to foreign businesses in Finland. We have years of experience of financial administration of international companies and we serve you fluently in Finnish, Swedish and English.

  • A local contact person
    There will be a local contact person at your disposal for liaising with banks, tax authorities, insurance companies and situations where a knowledge of Finnish legislation is required. We also provide expert tax consultancy services.
  • Direct contacts with head office and subsidiaries

Your company’s head office can deal with us directly, so local personnel are able to concentrate on the development and growth of the business. At the same time, local offices, following the agreed rules, can also take care of financial administration matters with us, thereby reducing workload on the head office.

  • A local agent
    If your company doesn’t have administration in Finland, we can act as your local agent and look after salary payment, reporting and other administrative duties and legal requirements, such as taxes and financial statements, on your behalf. You can also make use of our Finnish postal address (PO box).

Choose the service level that suits your needs

Different businesses have different financial administration needs. You can choose the service level that best suits your needs from our range of service levels.


  • A traditional operating model, where the client provides accounting material in paper form
  • Suitable for small businesses with limited number of accounting documents and which have not adopted electronic systems yet.
  • Monthly communication between the client and the accounting office.


  • The client uses the electronic system provided by the accounting office for invoicing and payments.
  • Sales invoices are sent electronically.
  • Purchase invoices are mainly received electronically.
  • Accounting records are archived electronically.
  • Suitable for clients who would like to switch to, or have already adopted, e-accounting systems.
  • Weekly communication between the client and the accounting office.

Full service

  • Suitable for clients who would like to outsource most financial administration operations.
  • The client’s own e-accounting programs can be used as the software.
  • Some routines are performed on behalf of the client (i.e. sales invoicing).
  • Daily communication between the client and the accounting office.


  • Suitable for clients who don’t have their own financial management.
  • The service can also complement services provided by other accounting offices.
  • The service can also be limited to particular tasks, such as projections, monthly reporting, cash flow statements, project-specific monitoring and reporting tasks.

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The register of customer, marketing and newsletter situations.

4. The Purpose of the Handling of Personal Information

The purpose of the handling is to manage the customer relationship, fulfil the rights and obligations of the customer and register holder and the handling of personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Act for purposes relating to web services, research activities, the targeting of the register holder’s and/or its partners’ advertising and/or direct marketing on the basis of customer information, via the register holder’s communication media and services, without submitting personal information to any outside party.

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The register is collated from the register holder’s customer information system, publicly available Internet sources and any possible other public sources. As a rule, the sources of addresses are specified if they are other than those listed above.

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The register holder will not pass the personal information of customers on to outside parties unless required to do so by the Finnish authorities.

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Information can be deleted from the register upon a person’s request or in the event of the ending of the customer relationship.

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Personal information will be kept confidential. The data network and hardware of the register holder and its possible IT partners, in which the register is located, are protected by firewalls and other required technical measures.